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Whether you work full-time from home or simply need a place to do your admin, home office furniture should not fall short. It’s not just office aesthetics that should be important, but comfort should also be a priority. By choosing a trestle desk that’s the right height for your eye-level, an office chair with efficient back support or a comfortable laptop table that’s big enough to fit your accessories too, you’re halfway there. Couple this with unique, modern designs and the convenience of home delivery when you buy online and you’re on your way to a chic and productive workspace!
Volare Series Rak Multifungsi dari Pro Design merupakan furniture pelengkap rumah Anda, bisa dijadikan tempat buku, rak display,...
Lindsay Bookcase
Rp 1.667.000Rp 1.333.600
Finishing: White 5838Dimension: 680x297x1400mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Halo HG Desk 3DRG
Rp 3.111.000Rp 2.488.800
Finishing: White GlossyDimension: 1200x600x754mm Brand  : Melody Furniture
Andrew Bookcase
Rp 1.733.000Rp 1.386.400
Finishing: WalnutDimension: 1148x290x1335mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Darius Inf Coffee Table Hexagonal
Rp 567.000Rp 453.600
Finishing: White Glossy - Sonoma Oak LightDimension: 693x693x338mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Warmy Chest Drawer
Rp 2.633.000Rp 2.106.400
Finishing: Beaufort GreyDimension: 796x396x828mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Brook Sideboard
Rp 2.428.000Rp 1.942.400
Finishing: Sanremo Oak - BlackDimension: 1200x396x799mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Jasper Side Table
Rp 781.000Rp 624.800
Finishing: Bianco OakDimension: 554x396x450mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Brush 3
Rp 2.139.000Rp 1.711.200
Finishing: Sonoma Oak Light - White GlossyDimension: 995x299.5x1656mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Loft Chest 5 DRW
Rp 2.100.000Rp 1.680.000
Finishing: Canyon Monument Oak - BlackDimension: 460x390x965mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Loft Sideboard
Rp 2.469.000Rp 1.975.200
Canyon Monumen Oak - BlackDimension: 1198x390x811mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Regaz Coffee Table 110
Rp 1.508.000Rp 1.206.400
Finishing: White Dimension: 1100x570x453mm Brand : Melody Furniture
Rp 1.000.000
Rp 1.667.000 Rp 1.333.600
Rp 3.111.000 Rp 2.488.800
Rp 1.733.000 Rp 1.386.400
Rp 567.000 Rp 453.600
Rp 2.633.000 Rp 2.106.400
Rp 2.428.000 Rp 1.942.400
Rp 781.000 Rp 624.800
Rp 2.139.000 Rp 1.711.200
Rp 2.100.000 Rp 1.680.000
Rp 2.469.000 Rp 1.975.200
Rp 1.508.000 Rp 1.206.400
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